Private Voice Lessons




You shouldn’t have to put aside your goals because your voice is holding you back.

Individualized 1:1 vocal training tailored to your needs.  Where singing makes sense and feels easy so you can perform with confidence and freedom on any size stage.


Ready to break through your vocal limitations?

You're missing out on opportunities to share your voice. You keep putting off booking the recording studio to record your EP.  You're tired of not feeling confident about your voice. We can help.

At The Unlimited Voice You'll Learn How To:

Smooth out
your break 

  • Move fluidly through your range
  • Strengthen and balance your voice
  • Make "mix voice" make sense
  • Feel ”in control”

your tone

  • Find your voice and your unique sound
  • Know how to shape your vowels
  • Sing across genres
  • Explore your style and artistry

Perform with confidence

  • Trust your voice
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Craft your ideal performance mindset
  • Know how to calm your nerves
  • Connect with your audience

We're taking voice lessons to a whole new level.

Your voice is unique, and your training should be, too.

We care about your vocal journey and want to help you get where you want as efficiently as possible. We’ll get to the bottom of what’s standing in your way of vocal freedom, make a plan, and give you personalized exercises for the most effective results. You’ll start feeling improvement right away.


We’ve Made Practicing Feel Easy

Included with your 1:1 packages, you'll get:

  • Audio and video recordings of your 1:1 lessons
    You'll be able to repeat what you experienced with your coach so you can practice on your own and improve faster.
  • Access to The Unlimited Voice Exercise Library
    You'll never be stuck not knowing what to practice again with our growing online exercise library!


And... You also get these special bonuses:

  • Rock Your Performance Meditation Tracks 
    Calm your nerves, focus your mind, and be mentally prepared for every performance. 
  • The Unlimited Voice Practice Journal
    Your personalized roadmap to track milestones and celebrate your vocal progress.

What The Unlimited Voice students are saying

Choose From Our IVA Certified Teachers

All of our voice coaches are certified by The Institute for Vocal Advancement, so they aren’t just great singers, they’re great teachers who've been training for years in the art of teaching singing. 

Annie Little

I believe that our voice is our most powerful tool for communication. My passion and determination to overcome my obstacles led me to help others who no longer want to be limited by their voice. I can't wait to help you find more freedom in your voice and performing!


Alexandra Pengler

Indie, Electronic, Folk, Rock, Metal, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Country, or Blues… I give my all to diverse genres both on stage and in the studio! Working with clients worldwide, I help touring artists unlock their highest vocal potential.

Let's explore the limitless possibilities within the realm of vocal artistry together!


Elishea Reeves

As your coach, I can help you reach your full potential as a singer and achieve your musical goals, all while encouraging the strengths I already know you have within you. I truly value the ability to help others explore their voices in new ways, and I hope to have the privilege of serving you on your vocal journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

Philosophy & Vocal Method

At The Unlimited Voice, you’ll get all the mindset, technical, and artistry tools you need to unlimit your voice, so you feel confident it will come out the way you want when you want it to.

The Unlimited Singer System will help you optimize your vocal function, develop your unique vocal brand, and master your performance mindset.  

We want you to stop worrying about your voice so you can connect more deeply with your audience and share your message.


Let's get you started!

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It's time to sing how you've always wanted to sing... with confidence, freedom, and joy.